Triads Discipleship Groups

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We believe that the best discipleship happens in the context of small groups. Triad Discipleship Groups or Triads started as an experiment, and have now impacted many people at Peaceful Valley Church.

What is a Triad?

A group of three or four individuals, who covenant to meet weekly, build intentional relationships with one another, and challenge one another to become more passionate, fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

What is the goal of Triads?

The goal is multiplication for the glory of God. Jesus called us to make disciples, yet many people feel fearful or unequipped to actually disciple someone. With triads, many of the elements that make discipleship so daunting are removed, and individuals are empowered to be obedient to Christ’s Great Commission to make disciples.

How Do Triads Work?

Wanting to give a step by step process for Triads, we created “Triad Basics,” a manual that walks you through everything pertinent to Triads: the reasoning behind it as well as a step-by-step process for starting a new Triad. Click on the link to read Triad Basics PDF