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What is EYG?

EYG is Everyone’s Youth Group. It is a family-based approach to youth ministry. Families and individuals are encouraged to come and contribute to everyone’s growth in Christ.

Mission of EYG

Our mission is to glorify God and see His name made great in the lives of families and individuals.

Strategy of EYG

We will seek to fulfill our mission by encouraging families and individuals to know and worship Jesus in all of life.

What does EYG usually look like?

On the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, we meet together from 6-8:30. We desire to worship God in pizza, play, praise, prayer, preaching, and pondering. We start the night eating together and spending some time in fellowship. We then have a time of activity, a time of praise, a time of hearing from the Bible, and then some nights, a time discuss what we have heard.

Who should come?

As the name implies… Everyone. We welcome families and individuals to come and worship together. Younger or older, the church is a family, and we want anyone who is willing to come. If you are a young person, or you just want to pour into our young people, you should come. If you have a desire to gather with other believers during the week, you should come.