Missions page header pngPurpose:

Peaceful Valley Church (PVC) desires to play an active role in fulfilling the Great Commission, which Jesus Christ left to His followers before He ascended into Heaven.  PVC recognizes our responsibility to train up members with a heart for the mission field and to faithfully send and sustain missionaries to peoples who have never heard the Word of Life. The goal of our missions effort is to win individuals to the Lord, equip them in the faith and establish churches that have the same aim in every tribe, tongue, people and nation (Acts 14:21-23; Rev. 5:9).

Your Place in Missions:

Christ’s call in the great commission is for every believer to make disciples as they go. We believe that every believer is to be a part of God’s redemptive plan to the nations. The early church gives us a model that some will leave to make disciples in other places; and some will stay, supporting those who have left, and making disciples where they have been planted. You have a part to play. You can support through prayers or finances, or you can go.

Prayer Requests Page

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Missionaries Around the World:

We have many supported missionaries and ministers of the Gospel in many different nations. We are working to get as much information about our missionaries here or links to the missionaries’ personal information centers in order that we can be effective in praying for them and supporting them.


We are working to update this page and get all information as current and relevant as it can be. Please bear with us as this is a new page.

Sent Missionaries:

The first few missionaries on this list have been sent out by Peaceful Valley Church. They consider PVC their home church, and we consider them part of our family.


Supported Missionaries and organizations:

These are missionaries and organizations that the church supports on a monthly financial basis.