Sunday School

The American Sunday School Union began Peaceful Valley Union Sunday School in 1937 on the same site where the church now stands.  The original building is now part of our fellowship hall.  Keeping the tradition of our founders, we still offer Sunday school for all ages.  It is coincidental that our largest class, the adults, still meets in a room that was the original Sunday school room.

All ages from two years to adults are welcome to attend our classes.  There is nursery provided for children under two during Sunday school hour.  Our classes include ages 2 and 3, taught by Morgan Michael; ages 4 and 5 will be led by Michael and Chelsea Sprague; first and second grades, taught by Heather Warren; third and fourth grades, taught by Chuck and May Scarpelli; fifth and sixth grades, taught by Julie Wood; seventh and eighth grades, taught by Arceil Kettel; high school girls, taught by Anne Wood and high school boys, taught by Mark Ziehnert and Cody Welch.  Our adult class is taught by Dick Ziehnert.

All our classes are taught by mature Christians and are Bible based.

We do not offer our Sunday School classes in the summer months.  We run a 9-month Sunday School program from the second week in September through the end of May.

Sunday school begins at 9 am on Sundays and precedes our worship service at 10:15.