Chaplaincy Ministry

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Hope for the Hurting

“The church never looks better than when she loves on a community in disaster.”  -Jerry Paradise

A chaplain is someone who provides spiritual & emotional “first-aid” to those suffering from some degree of crisis in their lives.

Our Peaceful Valley Church Chaplaincy Ministry officially began in June of 2015. We exist to respond to those who are going through a difficult time with the hope we have in Christ.  Currently we have seven chaplains who are trained, ready, and available to respond to church family members going through trying times. Studies have shown that about 70% of those we encounter everyday are going through some kind of crisis.  And these difficult times come in a number of different ways. Typically we think of a disaster or crisis in terms of large events such as natural disasters, house fires, automobile accidents, or the death of a loved one, and these are certainly traumatic events, but crisis can come in a variety of other ways as well.  Many of our friends are struggling relationally, financially, emotionally, physically, and in other ways too.  And in the midst of these storms it is good to have someone you can call. If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time of grief, or loss, or trial, we are willing to come alongside, support, and walk with you as much as we are able.  We are currently equipped to send chaplains to church members and friends, but our goal is to grow our team and provide more training so that our chaplains will be able to respond to our community at large in their time of need. It is our purpose to bring glory to God by caring for the hurting with the hope we have in Christ. Please contact us if you know of someone who could use a call or a visit from our chaplains.