Vacation Bible School

Attention all Families with KIDS- There is nothing more important than training up our children with a good understanding of God’s Word and God’s will for their lives. This year’s vacation Bible school will run each morning during the week of June 20th through June 24th.  Take advantage of this opportunity to have your children come and bring their friends to come and learn more about Jesus.

For more information or to volunteer to help call Ginger Denham at (509) 292-8791

Elk Days – A time to serve!

Peaceful Valley Church is serving our community at Elk Days this year by providing a children’s fun center.  If you’re interested in volunteering on June 17th or 18th please give us a call at (509) 292-8584.  It is our purpose to share the love of God by serving others. We are not looking for anything beyond simply serving.  Pray that the children who attend will have a  good experience, that our community would receive our gift of service and that God will be glorified by our words, actions and thoughts as we serve Him by serving others.

Summer Schedule

Our Sunday School schedule allows for our teachers to take summers off.  During the summer months we offer one service for the entire family that begins at 9AM.   We will return to our regular schedule in the fall.


A Call!

I was at an elder’s meeting on Monday night and my phone rang.  When I’m in a meeting I don’t typically answer the phone, unless it’s my wife or one of my kids.   So I let the call go to voice mail then the church phone rang just a moment later.  My friend Glenn answered the call and it was for me.  He too knows that I don’t typically take calls during our meetings so this one had to be important.

It was Larry, he was excited and he wanted  someone there with him to speak to me.  Her name was Mandy and she too sounded excited about something, but I didn’t know who she was or what really was going on.  It’s hard for me to express the joy I felt when she shared with me that she had prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.  Mandy told me that she would be coming to church soon and I can’t wait to welcome her and express again how happy I am that she is now a child of God.

Taking phone calls during scheduled meetings is rude- but there are some calls that warrant interruption.  Thanks Larry for your persistence- I was blessed to hear the good news about Mandy and I look forward to meeting our new sister soon.

Love in Christ, Jim