Missions Prayer Requests

This page is dedicated to current prayer requests from our missionaries. We will continue working diligently to update it as often as possible. Each item will have the missionary and their field, the date, and the nature of the request.

Sam and Chris Spatola- Italy

December 1- Sam will be in the Philippines December 26-30 teach on Spiritual warfare for the Philippine ministry’s winter conference. Pray that God would bless that time.

Francesca and Stefano received Christ and will be baptized December 6th. Pray for them as they begin walking with Christ, and continued growth for the church at Pordenone. Continue to pray that the Gospel would be heard and received through the works of the different churches.

Jordan & Amy Husband- Chihuahua, Mexico

October 13- Wisdom in the ongoing evaluation of their minivan, now that they have it back, to determine if it still needs replacing sooner than they had expected. Their hope is that it will last until they are ready to leave Chihuahua, but it has already taken much in time and money to keep running.

Elinor Young- Chattaroy, WA

Sept 17- Pray for Elinor as she’s on a road trip to Salem, Oregon. She will be speaking at missions classes at Corban University.  Please pray  for strength as these are long classes that will tax her stamina.

Mike and Gwen Klontz- New Tribes Mission- Spokane, WA

Sept 1- Mike had successful surgery and is now recovering at home. Thanks for your prayers. There was no cancer found which was also a very big praise. Pray for his recovery over the next few weeks as he tries to do minimal activity, and Gwen as she cares for him.

Elinor Young- World Team- Chattaroy, WA

Sept 1- In case you missed it, a video called “Bad Legs” came out a couple months ago telling Elinor’s story. Pray that this video will impact hearts, in whatever way God knows they need. If you haven’t seen it, check it out HERE.

John and Maria Van Wormer- New Tribes Mission- Chihuahua, Mexico

September 1- Pray that their Visas will go through soon. This will allow them to bring their new car into Mexico. Pray for Maria, who had a bug go deep into her ear. She may go to the doctor tomorrow.  Also, pray for wisdom for the mission aviation leaders working with logistics of flights while waiting for a plane to be repaired… UPDATE: Praise God their visas came in and they were able to bring their new car down with them.

Jordan and Amy Husband- New Tribes Mission- Chihuahua, Mexico

September 1- Continue to pray for their son Titus, who is experiencing stomach pain. After completing an antiparasitical treatment with Elayne, their daughter, they are both feeling better, but Titus still has occasional pain. Also, pray for their vehicle situation, as their minivan has been in and out of the shop. Finally, continue to pray for endurance in their language and culture study and that they would continue to grow in Christlikeness.

Renee Wood- New Tribes Mission- Chihuahua, Mexico

September 1- Please pray for the health of the staff members at school, and especially for a teacher who is expecting a baby. They are all very busy.  Also please pray that God will give Renee wisdom and direction as to what she should do next year.

Ethan and Karen Ehrstine- CRU- Lebanon, IN

August 21- Pray for their work helping to resource the global CRU ministry with tools and training to better spread the gospel. Also, be praying for God’s provision as their looking to replace both of their cars that are getting many miles on them. 

Mike and Gwen Klontz- New Tribes Mission- Spokane, WA

August 21- Mike will be undergoing prostate/bladder surgery on Monday (Aug 24) morning. There is no cancer suspected at this point, but the surgery will require quite a bit of recovery. Please be praying for Mike and Gwenn.

Luis and Mimi Ojeda- Ensenada, Mexico

August 13- Pray for continued strength for them and their family, as well as the strength of their ministry. Also, pray that God would provide finances for them to find a reliable vehicle. They are often transporting kids for the school, the daycare, and for other ministries. They are involved in many things… pray for all the ministries that they continue to be a part of.

Ron and Terresa Hiebert- Sanford, FL

August 12- Please pray for strength and energy for the Hieberts as they are in a very busy season. They are trying to sell a home, so balancing ministry, work,  and relationships will be very important in the coming months. Pray also that they would find time to stay spiritually nourished and keep up their marriage relationship.

Sam and Chris Spatola- Italy

August 12- Please pray for the church in Pordenone, Italy. Pray that it would continue to grow and people would continue to come to Christ. Praise God for a bigger location to meet in starting in September. Please pray for strength for Sam as he cares for his wife and leads the ministry. 

Elinor Young- Chattaroy, WA

August 4- Elinor will be taking a road trip Sept. 14 to about Oct. 3 to Salem, Oregon. She will be speaking at missions classes at Corban University.  Please pray for her preparation for the trip, and for strength during it as these are long classes that will tax her stamina.

The organization she is part of (World Team) is working on sending her to Philadelphia in October to encourage young people to pursue missions.  The dates for that are Oct. 15-Oct. 19. Pray for wisdom and strength.

Clark and Yvonne Malone- Portugal

August 4- pray for the Malones as their church starts an experimental four week initiative as a follow-up for a summer 5 day program. It will start on Saturday August 8, and go every other Saturday .

John and Maria Van Wormer- Mexico

August 1- pray for the Van Wormers. As they were heading back down to Mexico, the engine of their newly purchased vehicle failed. They were delayed for several days, and now have to replace the engine. Pray that God would encourage them in this time. Also, they have the unforeseen expenses of extra nights in hotels, renting a Uhaul and trailer to take their vehicle to Arizona (where they will be able to have it fixed for cheaper), and the repair of the engine… Pray that God would provide for these needs.