Who Confused Rights & Goods?


Who Confused Rights and Goods?


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The considerable confusion between rights and goods comes from two different sources but the same ideological mindset. First, it is our ignorance of the original documents, the Bible and the Declaration and Constitution of the United States. Second is the intentional deceit of the liar to move us away from any and all Godly context. We can remedy both of these by carefully studying both with as much enthusiasm as we put in to most of our recreational pursuits.


The rights we have are given to us by God and these will enable us to have the goods that are being portrayed as rights. The difference is clear when we see that our efforts to treat others as we wish to be treated are rewarded. It is the responsibility of individuals to use their talent to its proper end and care as God would desire us to do. The reward is to hear “well done, good and faithful servant”.


We have the right to life , but abortion , a bad law from bad lawmakers, has denied that right to 56 million babies and to grieving parents and grandparents. Remember that the children’s children are a crown of glory to a hoary head. We need involved as Christians to elect Godly leaders !