The Time is Now or Past


The Time is Now or Past!


Washington voters have received their ballots by now, did you? It may look like any other innocuous piece of junk mail , but it is your personal invitation to a dance that will impact you and all you love and hold dear for the foreseeable future. Are you going to set on the sidelines, believing the liar , and not partner with brothers and sisters who understand the joy of doing what our God instructs us to do? If you still believe that religion and politics do not mix, then you are truly not reading the consequences of allowing people without religion,(Christ), to make laws that are horrible.


Same sex marriage destroys the lives of those involved and reduces future cultural defenses regarding moral issues. If I need to tell you how legal abortion, 56 million children and grandchildren murdered, has effected us allow me the personal opportunity to tell you. No fault divorce has sky-rocketed the number of single family households which condemns children to poverty and a greater likely hood of criminal activity. Not to mention a huge number of millionaire lawyers that specialize in domestic resettlement programs. How did all that help the missions funding program.


I have just returned from a 2 weeks study of nature in the forests of North Idaho where all is good despite the plethora of wolves , hence the lack of big game. God is still in evidence where current lawmakers have not been. Mike Hanson