Should the Church Stay Out of Politics?


Should The Church Stay Out of Politics


Before you make a definitive statement regarding the current belief that Christians should not get involved in such a scurrilous thing as politics please consider that the following prohibitive laws were enacted because Christ’s followers persisted against popular culture.


Infanticide, do you need a definition?


Prostitution; temple, forced and child


Killings; revenge, honor and special need/deformed child


Child abuse




Animal cruelty


Sale of children


Child labor


Cruel and unusual punishment


Selective gender abortion


Gladiatorial combat, Death games


This is not an all inclusive list of laws the Christians championed by any means , but a representative sampling of previous acts that have been made illegal because believers , beginning in the pulpit, have called sinful and unjust. Remember that government is established to protect the just. Prov 31:8-9 Speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves….defend the rights of the poor and needy. The church did not heed this admonition when Lenin and Hitler assumed control of their governments, either. Mike Hanson