Ty’s Letter

We received this letter from a young man named Ty who recently enlisted into the military.  He addressed it to everyone and this seems like the best way for us to share it.  Ty is a dear friend and brother in the Lord and we pray God’s best for him.  Here’s his letter:

Dear Everyone,

Scratch that, hello brothers and sisters!!  First things first, I’m fine; things are going pretty good for me.  Just stressed because I have… kinda like 3 to 4 jobs.  I was hoping to come here and leave here unnoticed but I should have known that Ty doesn’t go unnoticed.  My rack mate is S. R. Frank, an awesome guy from Texas, he’s married and 23.  Oh, and loves God.  Pray for him he is missing his wife bad and is having a rough time about it.  Life here isn’t hard.  So far it’s been pretty easy, but then again, we just finished our processing days and we are missing our 1st recruit division commander, she is on emergency leave.  I think when she gets here the hammer is going to fall hard and fast.  I had someone come up to me this week and ask to go to church with me- so I’m excited about that.  Emma Lou and Cole Babe, I gave that prayer book to Frank to try and help him.  He was happy to get it.  I love you and miss everyone.  I think about you often and you are in my prayers.

I’m only allowed to send out letters on Sunday.  There are a lot of stupid rules, like how to sit and stand, how to eat and how to shower, how to fold and where to put it, but it’s all fine and dandy cause I’m good at following rules.  Wow, I write letters like I talk, scattered.

Love Everyone, Ty

If you know Ty, I’m sure you can appreciate this letter.  The truth is that we miss him and he misses us. Keep praying for Ty and write him a letter as you have opportunity.  You can contact the church office if you need his address. 

Thanks Ty, we love and miss you too,

Pastor Jim