Pastor Jim – A New Face in the District

A New Face in the Fire District

By Division Chief Gino Palomino

Please join me in welcoming the newest addition to the Fire District, Jim Trull.  Jim, the Senior Pastor at Peaceful Valley Church in Elk and a familiar face to some of you, has agreed to serve as a Chaplain.  Chaplain Jim has served as the Senior Pastor at Peaceful Valley for the past four years. Prior to Peaceful Valley Church, he served at Mt. Spokane Church. He and his wife Pam, live in Elk. They have two grown children, Jim and Melissa.

It is through the aspirations of many of our members that this has come to fruition. Our desire to take care of our members and offer the resources needed always remains in the forefront of how we do business. Adding a Chaplain is just one more element of this process, in addition to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and our Critical Incident Stress Management Team. Chaplain Jim will eventually be serving as part of our Critical Incident Stress Management Team and be available to respond to incidents when necessary.  Chaplain Jim will be making his rounds over the next couple of months during OTEP Training to meet folks. We trust you will find him to be a sincere and very approachable man with a heart to serve his community. We are extremely excited to have him available to us.

I thank Gino for these kind words and I thank God for this opportunity to serve those in our community who are serving others in their time of need.  I also want to thank the people of Peaceful Valley Church for their loving support too.

God bless you, Pastor Jim