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Our Lord Is Involved In Running Government


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When I read that my Lord confronted the leaders of government over issues that were wrong in His eyes it is a clear admonition to me to follow Him. It is a fact that the religious leaders and government leaders of the Jewish people were the same, as God originally intended, for all just laws come from Him. He taught those that came to Him, Nicodemus and Joseph, who just happened to loan Him a resting place for a short week-end . Those that didn’t come to Him, He got into their face over issues that were antithetical to His teachings. When the people did not hold Eli and Samuel accountable for not raising Godly leadership they asked for leaders (kings) who would then take away their best children and a large amount of their property. When we do not hold our leaders accountable, they assume the role of kingship and pass laws that take wrongly from some to give to others and to themselves. Pray for Christians in leadership to be strong to follow Him and for those that know Hims seeking office to be successful and faithful. Mike