GOD Judges Nations


Day 3- 37 Days To Go




God Does Judge Nations


In His perfect way, the Word gives us not just a glimpse of his story, (His Story), but many instances of judgment due to not following godly moral values. Psalms 91:7The wicked shall be burned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. Judges 2:11-14, (my paraphrase) The Israelites did evil, forsook the Lord, followed other gods and provoked Him to anger. He handed them over to raiders from countries that hated God and did not even recognize Him.


When God judges a nation for the behavior of certain people in that nation, abortionists and homosexuals perhaps, or because of leadership that proposes and institutes immoral laws: you and I , followers of Christ and our children will also suffer the physical consequences. Believers may have not voted for these leaders, but in not voting did allow their acceptance as rulers and law-makers. There are too many instances where national leaders have turned their backs on Israel and within 24 hours the nation has suffered severe weather related catastrophes. Who is in charge here? Mike Hanson