A Plea to Vote





The Consequences of Inactivity


If you have ever thought that your voice, only one little vote amongst millions, doesn’t matter, please reconsider that thought. God has made you to be significant and each decision you make is important to Him. For too long Christians have believed that in today’s modern, liberated ,(read post-Christian), state we are to leave our faith at the door when we enter the voting booth so we choose instead to stay home and sulk. I pray that you can see the voice of the liar in that premise as listening to him is why we have laws today that are post-Christian, anti-God or a plethora of liberal names.


If the 40 million non-voting evangelical had gone to the polls 56 million babies would have life today, same-sex marriage would not be a question even considered, the jails would not be over crowded (1.7 trillion dollars annually for police, court and penal system), and many more issues we will discover in our 40 days of prayer for our nation. If you need prayer suggestions, ask God to prick the conscious of all who call upon His Name to become involved as voters.