Orphan Sunday

This Sunday is Orphan Sunday and I’m excited about what we’re planning.  It is our hope to encourage those who have opened their lives and homes to become forever families for children who otherwise would go without.  Most of us have been blessed by God to have family and it’s difficult for us to understand what it must be like to grow up without this all-important support system.  God says that He sets the lonely in families (Ps. 68:6) and many here at Peaceful Valley Church have answered His call.  Worldwide there are over 15 million orphans that have lost both their father and mother and tens of thousands who have lost their dads.  In America there are roughly 500,000 children in our foster systems.  Each one needs a forever family.  Pray with me that these precious children would be placed in Christian homes with Christian families.  And thank those who have heard and responded to God’s call for them to be a forever family for the children who need them most.  I especially want to thank the many here at Peaceful Valley Church who are working to help solve this enormous problem of children growing up without families.  How are they doing it?  One child at a time.  Maybe God is calling you to be a forever family to a child in need- if so give us a call, come visit us and we’ll get you connected with others here who have already answered the call.

Thanks and God bless you,

Pastor Jim