Youth Camp

Last week I was honored to speak at a local 4-Day-long youth camp.  A couple of months earlier, when I received the call from my friend asking me to speak I had plenty of reasons to turn him down, but after prayerful consideration I agreed to go.  The week went exceptionally well. God blessed us with kids coming to Christ for the first time and others rededicating their lives to serve Him.  It was a powerful week.  As I drove home on Thursday night and spent time the next day thinking about all that happened, I couldn’t help but praise God for all He did.  I am so glad that I was able to be a part of such a precious time in the lives of so many.  Opportunity doesn’t always knock at the most convenient times but if you’ll make the most of each opportunity, as much as you’re able, God might just use you to do something extra-ordinary for His glory.  My hope in going was to bless those who would be there at the camp- the truth is that I was blessed more than any.  Thank you Lord for blessing me!!!